John Gibson

John Gibson is the owner and founder of JB Linear Music, with sheet music for woodwinds. 

John was born in Dallas, Texas and began studying with Oakley Pittman, who was director of bands at Southern Methodist University and principal clarinettist of the Dallas Symphony. John and his family moved to Denver, Colorado where he studied with the retired principal clarinetist of the Denver Symphony, Val (Tiny) Henrich. Further studies with David Etheridge, Jerry Neil Smith, and John McGrosso completed his studies and resulted in a music education degree and a masters of music performance degree from the University of Colorado. During his time at CU, John discovered his interest in arranging, taking classes in that topic whenever possible.

As a new music teacher, John began arranging music for his instrumental students, an interest that eventually resulted in starting an internet based sheet music publishing business called JB Linear Music in 1998.

Through JB Linear Music, his music and the music of other selected musicians is played and enjoyed throughout the entire world.