Mahler - Sermon to the Fish for horn, clarinet and piano

Alternativtitel Saint Anthony's Sermon to the Fish
KomponistGustav Mahler
John Gibson
VerlegerJohn Gibson
Genre Klassische Musik / Instrumentalmusik
Instrumentierung Klavier, Klarinette, Horn
Partitur fürTrio
Art der PartiturPartitur, Stimmen
Tonart d-Moll
Schwierigkeitsgrad Fortgeschritten
Jahr der Komposition 1893
Gustav Mahler's Saint Anthony's Sermon to the Fish was written in 1893. It is a humorous piece about St. Anthony preaching to the least they listened for a while. This was originally published for voice and piano and also in an orchestral setting. Mahler liked the music so much he used it again in the Scherzo of his 2nd symphony. Here is what Mahler had to say about it: St Anthony preaches to the fishes, and his words are translated in the tipsy sounding language of the clarinet... and they all come swimming up to him, a glittering shoal of them, eels, carp and pike with their pointed heads, I swear while I was composing, I really kept imaging that I saw them sticking their stiff immovable necks out of the water and gazing up at St. Anthony with their stupid faces, I had to laugh out loud... The Bohemian music of my childhood home has found it's way in many of my compositions, but especially in my "St. Anthony Preaches to the Fishes.

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